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Aims of the BRISK project

The BRISK project responses to an increased risk of accidents and environmental damages in the Baltic Sea. The overall aim of the project is to increase the preparedness of all Baltic Sea countries to respond to major spills of oil and hazardous substances from shipping and enhance sub-regional co-operation. The BRISK project will:

  • Offer the first overall risk assessment of pollution caused by shipping accidents covering the whole Baltic Sea area,

  • Identify gaps in existing emergency and response resources needed in all sub-regions of the Baltic to effectively tackle major spills of oil and hazardous substances,

  • Prepare concrete pre-investment plans on how the Baltic Sea countries can jointly fill in the gaps, and

  • Facilitate the development and conclusion of sub-regional agreements between neighboring countries for joint response operations.

The BRISK project will focus on "medium-size" spills, i.e. spills which require assistance from several neighboring countries. The project area covers all transnational maritime areas divided into six sub-regions. The sub-regional approach is cost-efficient as countries can share their resources to build a common pool of response vessels and equipment sufficient for a given sub-region.

Work packages

The project consists of five work packages (WP):

  1. Project management and administration (by Admiral Danish Fleet)

  2. Communication and Information (by the HELCOM Secretariat)

  3. Risk analysis

  4. Development of agreements to remove administrative obstacles for international response

  5. Investment plans

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