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Sub-regional cooperation in response

The BRISK project will reinforce cooperation between all Baltic Sea countries in combating of oil spills and hazardous substances. The Baltic Sea coastal countries already have substantial resources to effectively respond to pollution at sea in the region, and operational procedures for joint, international response operations have been put in place within the framework of the Helsinki Commission. Yet, deepened cooperation is needed.

The purpose of Package 4 (Sub-regional agreements) is to develop agreements to remove administrative obstacles for international response. It aims at developing agreements in sub-regions where they do not exist, speeding up the process of finalisation of the agreement under preparation and signing of the agreements by competent authorities.

Work Package 5 (Investment plans) aims to ease the response cooperation between sub-regions by preparing concrete pre-investment plans on how the Baltic Sea countries can jointly fill in the identified gaps in the resources.

Six sub-regions

The project area covers all transnational maritime areas divided into six sub-regions. The sub-regional approach is cost-efficient as countries can share their resources to build a common pool of response vessels and equipment sufficient for a given sub-region.

BRISK subregions.jpg
BRISK sub-regions

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